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Understanding the Driving Industry really well and being involved in a tech startup has fuelled a passion for the world of online!  What better way then to try and add value to other Driving School owners who are moving into the modern digital world….

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If you are “Driven to Succeed”, please get in touch with us at any time either through our contact form or live chat – we would love to hear from you and be part of your journey!

Our underlying passion is customer happiness and in a busy world often the emphasis is on “getting the business”, transacting and then staying at an arm’s length with as little contact as possible while communicating sometimes only through chatboxes.  While the digital world offers all the automated conveniences, we still believe that the human element and care factor makes the difference to building long term meaningful relationships with our customers.  

Our team’s goal is to help you at the start of your journey, listen to your needs and help you fulfil your business goals on a daily and ongoing basis.  We are a team you can rely on to understand this niche industry and your needs and our understanding stem from being involved heavily in a tech startup and seeing how technology can transform businesses efficiently allowing business owners and instructors to be more productive and focus on their core passion of driver education.  Having managed a Driving School as well as instructing, we have a realistic picture of the day to day routines of lessons, admin and accounts.  A lot to keep on top of all the time as coaching learners is rewarding but also tiring and sometimes stressful!

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Being part of a tech startup and having attended Driver Trainer conferences internationally and in Australia this has given us an opportunity to chat to Driving school owners and instructors – the common theme with business owners is the challenges faced with juggling their passion to coach and educate their learners as well as keeping their pulse on business needs.  Student and parent experience still remains at the forefront of building credibility, trust and a great reputation in the industry.   Being an experienced expert is required, being modern and relevant – keeping your customers engaged and nurtured a necessity.  What better way then to know that the backend of your business runs almost autonomously?

Through these learnings it was inevitable to engage with a virtual tribe of like-minded people who are highly skilled to help develop marketing powerhouses within Driving Schools to nurture and engage customers and give them the best customer experience as well as give Driving School owners peace of mind that their businesses are run like clockwork.  

We strive to make our clients happy

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